Become a Referee

Become a Referee

How do I become a referee?

Updated 5-19-2023

For adults and youth (age 13+), soccer refereeing is a great way to stay fit, earn some money, have fun, make friends and stay involved in the beautiful game. Schedules are flexible – you work where and when you want.

No experience is necessary – we’ll help you get certified, train you and help you improve your skills, and get you local game assignments that match your level and availability.

Here are the basic steps you will go through to become a referee:

Sign up for an account in the US Soccer Learning Center.
Register for the Grassroots First-Time Referees course and choose a Field Session date.
Complete all online course assignments.
Attend an in-person Field Session.

Step-by-Step Instructions

FIRST, go to the US Soccer Learning Center and create a free account by clicking on the red SIGN UP button on the home page.

Follow the directions for signing up yourself or signing up for someone else (a youth ref, for example).

SECOND, start here by reading about the Grassroots First-Time Referees course you will be taking.

THIRD, choose and register for the course with your preferred Field Session date. The Field Session is the required, final step in receiving your certification, which you can only attend AFTER you have completed all course assignments (see below).

From the general course information page click the GO TO COURSE LIST button, scroll to find the course with your desired Field Session date --

The fee for the Grassroots First-Time Referee course is $75.00.

Once registered you will need to complete a series of online assignments, including:

• Background Screening (18+)
• SafeSport Training (18+)
• Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
• Online Grassroots Referee Course Module
• Laws of the Game
• First-Time Grassroots Referee Quiz

You will access and track your successful completion of these assignments by logging in to your USSLC account, then go to My Courses and select your course, click Go To Classroom, and then the Assignments tab.

These online activities and courses must be completed before attending the Field Session. Please note that the Background Screening can take up to 10 days to process so complete this first!

Upon successful completion of the online assignments and field session you will be awarded your referee license and badge, and be eligible to start officiating games.

If you need any assistance with registration, email the CNRA Registrar .

How to do I get higher level games

  1. What games you are qualified for
    1. Referee Rating Progression
  2. Work higher level games once the level has been dropped
  3. If you think you are ready for higher level games schedule a assessment
  4. When you have met the qualifications or need to be observed contact Domenico DeLuca at