Become a Referee

How to become a referee

  1. Go to the California North Referee Administration (CNRA) site to find a class (See link Below)
  2. Follow the information to become a grade 8 referee
  3. Create a login at Game Officials here
  4. The cost is $75 for the class and $60 for the uniform
    • Fill out the Uniform order form
      • If you referee 10 games you will get $90 refunded to you (you still get paid for the 10 games you refereed
  5. After you have completed your grade 8 course you will receive your badge
  6. Sign up in game officials to follow Walnut Creek
  7. In mid-August there will be a second on field training for new referees
  8. After that you can self-assign games in Game Officials

How to do I get higher level games

  1. See the matrix for what games you are qualified for
    1. Referee Rating Progression
  2. Work higher level games once the level has been dropped
  3. If you think you are ready for higher level games schedule a assessment
  4. When you have met the qualifications or need to be observed contact Domenico DeLuca at