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Sal Crispi, WC Referee Director

Sal Crispi, WC Referee Director

Latest News and Tips

Update your Tournament Availability

The following Tournaments are scheduled for Summer 2017:
Creek Cup - Silver G&B: August 18, 19 & 20th.
Make sure your AVAILABILITY is up to date at GO!

Upcoming Course Dates

Registration Now Open for July 15th and 16th

July 15th:
Civic Park: 9am-4pm
Heather Farm Club Room: 9am-4pm

July 16th:
Heather Farm Club Room: 9am-4pm
Field: HF2 12pm-4pm

How to become a referee

  1. Go to the California North Referee Administration (CNRA) site to find a class (See link Below)
  2. Follow the information to become a grade 8 referee
  3. Create a login at Game Officials here
  4. The cost is $45 for the class and $60 for the uniform
    • Fill out the Uniform order form
      • If you referee 10 games you will get $90 refunded to you (you still get paid for the 10 games you refereed
  5. After you have completed your grade 8 course you will receive your badge
  6. Sign up in game officials to follow Walnut Creek
  7. In mid-August there will be a second on field training for new referees
  8. After that you can self-assign games in Game Officials




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